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Letters & Comments


We regularly receive emails on the progress of many of our adopted puppies, thankyou to everyone for taking the time to let us know how their Bichons are going and for keeping in touch with updates and photo's.

We love receiving your updates, below are a few recent photo's & emails....



Michelle (Queensland)

  'Ozzy got off the plane well, he is eating and drinking well. He is gorgeous - we can't thankyou enough, he is better than we could have ever hoped. We appreciate all the time and effort you put in to make this happen. We are so glad he is finally here.'

'We are having a great time with Ozzy, he is wonderful so we were thinking of getting him a friend to keep him company.'

'Just letting you know Max is doing really well. Ozzy is the happiest we have seen ever seen him, they have bonded really well. Thankyou again for another lovely puppy.'


Amanda B (SA)

  'Maddy is just wonderful. I am so amazed at just how well she is getting on, and how quickly she has been toilet trained.'


Rebecca (Tasmania)    

  'Thanks for all your help, photo's and info, it's been great.'

  'Maggie has arrived safe and sound. She had a meal, played with some toys and is asleep on my Husbands lap.'

  'Thanks again for everything, it has been a pleasure and Maggie is a real cutie.'

  'Maggie has settled in beautifully. Her toilet training is going well, along with going on the grass, she does wee on a litter tray (clever girl) after 1 week.'


Caasi Kennels (New Zealand)

  'Tracey, thankyou for the photo's, your puppies are gorgeous - really beautiful, a credit to you.'


Michelle W

  'I just wanted to say what a great site you have for Bichon Information. I love the section about letting them be dogs. I found your website when googling 'Bichons & Agility'. We have had the pleasure of owning 2 Bichons. We have been doing obedience for approx 7 weeks. I look forward to participating in agility when Lily is older. Thankyou for providing such a lovely site advertising that Bichons are not just inside dogs and are capable of much more.'


Venkataraman Family (Singapore)

  'Snowy is home and in good shape. By the time we finished at the airport it was very late. My Son was tired but stayed awake until he held Snowy in his arms. Thanks once again. Shall keep in touch.'

'Snowy' living in Singapore


Karen (New South Wales)

  'Corbin is doing very well. He is a real delight and very bright. Thankyou for sending us such a wonderful dog. I will send you more information as he grows. Once again thankyou.'


Sidsel (SA)

  'Little Lita is gorgeous and so funny. Lita came to work with me for a couple of hours, and of course was the centre of attention - she loved it. She is very good in the car with her little harness on.'


Don & Sonia (SA)

  'The first couple of day's were a little difficult but now he is eating well, and sleeping through the night in his room without a whimper. Our biggest challenge is toilet training and he wants to chew everything as he is still teething. He went to puppy school and thoroughly enjoyed himself mixing it with both little and big puppies.

He is so good with other people and gets on really well with everyone he comes up to. He is the loveliest little terror we have had in our family and we have heaps of laughs and happiness since he has been with us. We love him lots and many thanks for giving us such an adorable puppy.'


Loris & Peter (Adelaide)

  'Firstly Peter & I want to thank you for such a gorgeous pup. She's just delightful.      She has settled in very well & loves playing with everyone who is visiting us.'


Cathy, Andrew, Rachael & Caitlin (Perth)

  'Charlie arrived safely, he is everything we had hoped for and more.'

'Charlie is 6 months old now. He is absolutely gorgeous and a part of our family. I was wondering which shampoo you use... when Charlie arrived he smelt gorgeous and it lasted a long time. Our local groomer can't seem to replicate it. Can you tell me, so that I can get him smelling beautiful again.'


Joanne (SA)

'Casper is doing well and learning more everyday. He learnt to use the doggy door in 2 days and is pretty much toilet trained in 2 weeks. He loves attention from everyone and loves to play all the time. Can you please tell me the shampoo you use on him - he smelt so nice when we picked him up. I would love to buy the same one.'


Tina (SA)

'Gus has settled in amazingly well - so happy and well adjusted. I am continuously amazed at how intelligent he is and how quickly he seems to pick things up. I am so glad I came across your website. Gus is a great dog and we are totally enjoying having him in the household.'


Leeann (Melbourne)

'Hi Tracey, it's been a while so I thought I would send you some more photos, as you can see she has grown and taken over the house. She rules the couch! She has been a very easy girl to house train, so that has been a blessing. Anyway I will email again soon.'


Sam (SA)

'Harry is doing really well, he has adjusted well. I will keep you posted with pictures and stories as he gets bigger - Thankyou again.'


Heather (SA)

'Roxy is settling in well, although I fear she will become an extremely spoilt dog before long. I'll send photo's of her as she grows. Thankyou again we are just delighted.'


Brooke (Hobart)

'I am the lucky girl who received the gorgeous little puppy for my 21st birthday, she is adorable! We named her Milly - Thankyou.'


Amy (SA)

'My husband and  bought a puppy from you guys not long ago. Everything is going fantastic. He is absolutely adorable. We would like to buy another, a female. Can you please let me know when you are expecting your next litter.'


Heather (Kersbrook) '06

'Lucy has her second vaccination and microchip. The vet said she is doing extra well, checked her all over and said she is perfect. She is the most beautiful puppy ever and we love her to bits.'

Oohlalah 'Lucy'(15 Weeks) Living in Kersbrook SA

Heather (Kersbrook) '08

'I would be delighted for you to put Lucy on your web page. It's such a thrill for us to see her still there after 2 years. She is just beautiful. She talks to us in her own little way - She's just one of us. Look forward to seeing her on your web page. thanking you Tracey once again.'

Oohlalah 'Lucy'(2 Years) Living in Kersbrook SA


Laurissa (Perth)

'Bijou is beautiful and at home. She's already right into chewing her new toys.'


Jan (Mildura)

'Tracy, I just wanted to say thankyou for the most well behaved pup I have ever had the pleasure to meet.'


Stefani (Perth)

'Merry Christmas from Henry & Family. Thankyou for such a beautiful little pup. We love him to bits. He settled in really well and gets along with the other dogs.'


Malida (Coober Pedy)

'I thought I would give you an update on Mali's progress. She is absolutely adorable and has a lovely personality. She greets our visitors at the gate and shows no shyness at all. What a lovely little dog, who has brightened up our days with her lovely little ways.'


Louise (SA)

'Banjo is doing really well, he is an active happy dog who loves chasing Leo around the backyard.'


Sheila & Andy (Hawaii USA)

'Daphne arrived safe & sound - She's a doll. She has been running around the house exploring. Thankyou for allowing us to adopt her.'

'Daphne is a wonderful puppy. We are enjoying her immensely. My husband Andy say's thankyou. She is very well behaved, lovable and affectionate - Thankyou again.'

Oohlalah 'Daphne Adel' (1 Year) Living in Hawaii - Her first 'Luau'



Renee (WA)

'Cody arrived safe and sound. He has settled in very well and has lots of energy. He is just so cute and a cheeky little personality. We fell instantly in love with him and he is a credit to you. Thankyou for everything.'








DISCLAIMER : Please note that this information is intended as a guide only and is based on personal experience. If you have concerns about your Bichons health, please consult your Veterinarian.