Oohlalah Bichons & Lagotto


Artwork Copyright Shari Warren



At Oohlalah our aim is to breed healthy happy dogs. We have sourced our dogs from around Australia and Overseas that have quality blood lines and exhibit good breed standards.


Oohlalah 'Louis' Living With Cristina in SA


We do not line breed or interbreed our dogs. We have fewer litters but aim to produce healthy, well socialized dogs for families and as great companions. We do not show, instead we participate and train our dogs in agility, at which these little dogs excel and love.



Our dogs are allowed to be dogs, we let them dig in dirt, climb through the garden  and run through the paddocks, as at the end of the day it doesn’t take long to brush and clean them.



DISCLAIMER : Please note that this information is intended as a guide only and is based on personal experience. If you have concerns about your Bichons health, please consult your Veterinarian.